About A9

What Is A9

A9 is a ‘step change’ in modern lubrication technology

‘Manufacturers agree; over 70% of engine wear is caused during the first few seconds after a cold start’.

Now, this problem has been solved.

So whether you run a car, bike, a fleet of industrial vehicles or heavy plant; the technology now exists to protect the mechanical components from excessive wear, dramatically increasing longevity and reliability, whilst reducing maintenance costs and emissions. It’s called A9 Technology.

A9 Technology works by bonding a soft, ultra-low friction, protective skin onto metal component surfaces in engines, transmissions and fuel systems, so the nano technology skin of A9, rubs against A9, rather than metal against metal

A9 Technology has been available in a growing number of countries for a number of years. Now it is available throughout the UK.



A9 Technology  is a world-wide patented technology, which is ‘film forming’ and creates a soft ultra low friction protective skin on all component parts in machine.

This is achieved utilising normal engine and transmission oils to continuously circulate the A9 compound. The nano dimension skin bonds to metal above 43oC. Containing zero solvents, A9 is not an additive, but is miscible; so doesn’t change the chemical characteristics of oil and doesn’t affect manufacturer’s warranties.

A9 has 22 times the compression strength and 1/3rd the coefficient of friction, compared with a similar film of normal lubricant oil. So A9 creates an ultra low friction bearing surface. Reduced wear creates a longer service life and lower maintenance costs. Reduced friction also means quicker throttle response, more power and more torque.

A9 is highly resilient, as it can operate effectively at temperatures up to 5350C (conventional oils break down at approximately 1700C) and at speeds up to 22,000 rpm; far in excess of normal machine environments, even in racing engines.

Moreover, A9 Technology cleans the mechanical parts, absorbs moisture and overcomes the corrosive effects of carbon and sulphur deposits.

Far from being an expensive option, A9 Technology lubricants start to pay for themselves the very first time they are used and therefore become self financing over time and the value of the benefits exceeds the cost of applying A9 Technology.

[A9 Technology has been independently tested by leading vehicle research institutes in a number of countries. Any benefits stated by the manufacturer are based on these independent scientific test results and supported by certified test documentation].


A9 Technology’ s proven reduction in toxic emissions of Carbon Monoxide (CO) makes it the No1, pollution reducing lubricant, actively contributing to cleaner air quality and environmental health. Petrol engines: up to 75% reduction of CO emissions at idle speed and up to 20-30% in city traffic. Diesel engines: average reduction of emission by up to 34% at low/medium revs and up to 40% during low range acceleration.



A9 Technology   offers a wide range of ultra low friction ‘skin forming’ lubricants and treatments, designed for cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, taxis, boats, racing cars, bikes and karts, historic vehicles, small aircraft and a wide variety of heavy industrial applications, including: machine tools, hydraulics, robotics, agriculture, construction, mining, quarrying, locomotive, military, rescue services, fleet operators, industrial machinery, shipping, public works and government contractors. In total, a range of over 300 products and unit sizes, to cover almost all applications.

Unique nano technology …… No other product compares:

– A9 Technology has nothing in common with other kinds of soluble additives available, because it is NOT an ‘additive’ – it is ‘miscible’.

– A9 Technology is patented worldwide since 1991 and is based on a non-toxic, inert and environmentally sensitive, cosmetic industry process.

– A9 Technology does not employ any solvents or toxic substances and does not change the chemical characteristics of oil. Manufacturer’s warranties are therefore maintained.

It’s the A9 soft, ultra low friction protective skin that wears, not the mechanical components!


To operate so effectively in the hostile environment of an internal combustion engine, A9 employs advanced chemistry and nano technology, yet remains non toxic and biodegradable.

A9 Technology achieves four major advances over traditional lubricants, but the many benefits arising from these four advances, acting in concert, are unrivalled and groundbreaking.

  1.  CREATES ULTRA LOW FRICTIONA9 has approximately one third the coefficient of friction of conventional oils, with the super resilience of 22 times the compression strength of a similar film of oil and able to operate in temperatures as high as 530 degrees C (normal oils break down at temperatures exceeding 170 degrees C)
  2. CLEANS COMPONENTS A9 contains non aggressive cleansers, which remove existing sulphur and carbon deposits and prevent future build-up. This action has the effect of bringing the engine back to manufacturer’s original specifications and ensuring cleaner running for older engines.
  3. BONDS A PROTECTIVE SKINA9 bonds a soft, protective, nano dimension skin onto hot metal components above 430C (just a few degrees above human blood temperature), ensuring an improved seal between components and uninterrupted lubrication, even when an engine is left unused for long periods of time and in a hostile environment (such as marine conditions).
  4. ABSORBS MOISTUREA9 absorbs moisture (created as the engine cools after use), which is so corrosive, particularly when mixed with sulphur deposits (forming sulphuric acid) and would otherwise destroy internal metal surfaces by creating rust.

From these four primary technical achievements, many benefits of A9 follow:

> Cleaner Components – Combustion chamber, valve stems and seats, cam followers, injectors, spark plugs, big and little ends are all cleaned of sulphur and carbon deposits, to prevent coking and gumming up

> Reduced Wear – Ultra low friction, soft, protective ‘skin’ eliminates ‘metal against metal’ contact, gives faster starting, increases the life of bearing surfaces and reduces the load on starter motor, battery, alternator and cooling fan.

> Increased Power and Torque – Ultra low friction means less power is absorbed within the kinemetric chain, so more power and torque is delivered to the wheels, with faster pickup

> Increased Mechanical Life – Reduced wear and component loads increases reliability and mechanical life, not just of the engine and transmission, but also ancillary items such as; Starter Motor, Battery, Alternator, Fuel Pump, Cooling Fan, Spark Plugs and Injectors,

> Cooler Running Temperatures – Lower friction generates less heat. Operating temperatures are reduced by as much as 20%

> Smoother Running with Less Vibration – The A9 nano protective skin improves the fluid seal on all bearings, joints and equalises compression across cylinders

> Eliminates Internal Corrosion – Moisture and acidity is absorbed when components are coated with the A9 soft protective skin

> Reduces Consumptions of Oil and Fuel – Better seals, more complete combustion, improved compression and particularly reduced friction, all contribute to lower fuel and oil consumption

[Reduced consumptions alone mean that A9 is self-financing from Day 1]

> Reduces Emissions in Urban Driving Conditions – A cleaner burning engine with improved combustion and reduces Carbon Monoxide (CO)eemissions

[A9 Technology has undergone extensive (multi-vehicle, 2,000 and 10,000kms) independent scientific testing by leading European vehicle research institutes. Results prove that A9 achieves substantial reductions in CO emissions at low to medium speeds (urban driving conditions) with diesel engines showing the largest reductions].

> Non-Toxic and Biodegradable – A9 is ecologically friendly and safe for technicians to use and dispose of after use

> Reduces Operating Costs – Lower consumptions, increased reliability and longevity, have a significant favourable impact on operating costs. The savings in consumptions alone will more than cover the cost of your next A9 purchases.

It’s the A9 Ultra Low Friction Film that wears, not the mechanical component!