About A9

The inventor of A9 technology


The inventor of A9 Technology is Renan Biro, coming from a long line of industrial chemists, who in their inventiveness have helped forge our modern world.

Renan’s Great Uncle, Laszlo Biro invented the Ball Point Pen in 1938. Renan’s Grandfather, Paul Biro, invented the Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher; as well as synthetic foam and dry chemical powder fire fighting equipment, used by fire services and airports worldwide.

Renan Biro’s opportunity to create a legacy himself in the family tradition started in 1991, when his first patent was secured for A9 Technology. Earlier in 1988, together with his uncles Guy, Guillaume & Alain, Renan  had formed a company called Espace Amour, which serviced and maintained over 300 classic and vintage collector’s cars, in a 9000m2 underground garage, located in Paris.

He soon noticed that it was very difficult to restart cars after 6 months or more of storage. The lubricant became acidic when reacting to air humidity, causing piston rings to stick. Additives only made the problem worse; so the idea of injecting a soft resin compound, to protect the metallic parts was born. The only possible solution was to create a ‘miscible’ and ‘non-soluble’ component for the oil.

Renan’s skills as an industrial chemist, with his family’s long history of inventiveness, was to play a key part during the next three years of research and development. The solution was found when the technology was developed to flocculate the A9 compound in the oil and form a durable, bonded Residual Film , measuring just 0.1 micron. This occurred at 43 ° Celsius and provided extreme resistance against friction. The effect was evident immediately in those classic, highly valuable, collector’s cars, which started without problems and ran more effectively than ever before.


Following more product development, tests revealed several other advantages of this extraordinary ‘nano’ technology. Specifically, these included a reduction of emissions from petrol and diesel engines, as well as those using renewable energy.

Renan has focussed his A9 marketing effort in countries where the smallest economic and ecologic benefits are most cost effective and appreciated (China, India & Mexico, Cambodia etc…) « In Mumbay buses run for 2 million kilometres thanks to A9 Technology ® »

Currently, over 500 outlets worldwide sell A9 Technology, supplied from five manufacturing locations. The European factory is located in Northern France. This factory has a capacity of 180,000 tons of finished product per year. [In China, the huge growth of urban areas since 2008 has created a correspondingly alarming increase in pollution. As a consequence, the Chinese authorities have studied the possibility of using A9 Technology ® on a national scale and because of China’s energetic independence and concern for air quality, they have built their first factory for A9 Technology lubricants in the oil producing city of Panjin, to manufacture large quantities of finished A9 lubricants for national distribution].

Today, A9 Technology remains the only invention and product worldwide that is a non-soluble oil component, with unique capabilities for a real reduction of friction and toxic Carbon Monoxide (CO) emissions.

A9 Technology products are sold worldwide and are now available throughout the UK. [Video link to Renan Biro, inventor of A9 Technology]

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