About A9

Essential Product Guide

A9 has developed a unique, world patented, soft resin formula, which is circulated in the normal oil bath of engines and transmissions. There is also a fuel system A9 application.

[A9 is NOT an Additive, as it contains no solvents whatsoever and does not alter the chemical characteristics of oil. A9 is miscible and therefore does not affect manufacturer’s warranties, as their lubricant recommendations have been scrupulously adhered to. For complete peace of mind A9 additionally offer their own warranty.]

There are TWO ways to buy A9 Technology:-


Rapid ‘Treatments’

A9 Oils

RAPID ‘TREATMENTS’ – These are simple, quick and clean ways to immediately apply A9 Technology, through the oil filler or fuel filler cap (petrol or diesel).


A9 Oils – branded, high quality oils, with the A9 Technology compound already added (made to the same exacting quality standards and grades as other well known European brands of lubricant).

Over 20% reduction in the price of ‘Treatments’ is offered, when they are purchased in specialist Treatment Packs for engine, transmission and fuel system. Premium Treatment Packs cover engine, transmission, fuel system and cooling system, offering complete protection and peak performance.

All products can be purchased separately, but to enjoy the full list of benefits described, the engine, transmission, fuel system and cooling system should all be treated with A9 Technology.

A9 OILS – All grades of oils specified by vehicle manufacturers are available, for both moden and historic, high performance, racing and commuter vehicles. Bottle sizes cover 1 litre, 2 litre and 5 litre.

[Trade and industrial customers can also purchase A9 oils in bulk quantitles (20, 25, 60, 208 and 1,000 litre containers – over 300 products in total].