Case Study

Steve Noujaim’s World Record Flights

In 2010, Steve Noujaim broke not only the London – Cape Town flying record, but the return Cape Town – London record as well. His plane was a home-built, single prop RV7, fitted with a Lycoming 10-360 197 hp engine.

As a result Steve received the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators of London, Master’s Medal, at their annual Trophies and Awards Dinner. Throughout this epic challenge, Steve relied on A9 Technology to keep his engine sweet and performing to it’s maximum potential throughout. Fuel efficiency and reliability were critical on both challenges, to achieve the range he needed, whose routings took Steve over 900 kms of hostile mountain ranges in central Africa. There was not a chance of landing anywhere in such terrain, so every element of engine reliability was critical – Steve’s life depended on it. On his return, Steve admitted that without A9 Technology an extra dimension of risk would have been added, which would have caused him a lot of stress. Relying on A9 Technology in such a life-threatening situation, with no opportunities for escape and world records hanging in the balance, is a true testament to the unique qualities and performance of Renan Biro’s A9 inventions.