Case Study

Racing Engines

We have been delighted with the performance of A9 products in every respect and know that it gives our team additional confidence in the reliability of their engines.

We began using A9 a number of years ago despite the scepticism of our most experienced director. At the end of the racing year we send our engines back for winter rebuilds. The proprietor of the engine shop called after starting work on the first engine, to say that he didn’t think we had raced that engine and asked if we had sent back the wrong engine. It had in fact done a full season of races. This became the usual refrain from our engine man and our sceptic was convinced that A9 was making a significant difference, namely a huge reduction in wear. We had the same experience following a precautionary rebuild of a Ferrari engine that had raced for two full seasons, this time the supplier called to say that the good news was that the engine was perfect; the bad news was that we need not have sent it back, but there would be a small bill as they had already spent time starting the strip down!

A9 Lubricants have saved our customers an incalculable amount of money over the years and delivered superb performance and reliability. In motorsport reliability is key, finishing races saves a fortune if you think about it. You spend a lot of money to race and its a total waste if you don’t get to finish!

Neil Fowler, Director, Neil Fowler Motorsport