Case Study

Historic F2 Racing and Aston Martin Vanquish

A9 Lubricants have been a little known secret for quite a few years and have definitely given me the edge in mechanical reliability and performance. In particular, INJECTECO fuel treatment has saved me a lot of money in mechanical race fuel pumps, which are an expensive and normally fast wearing component.

A9 Technology is such an impressive performer, I just would not consider racing without engine, transmission and fuel treatments from A9.

My road going Aston Martin Vanquish also has all A9 Technology products. Only a couple of months ago I had the car serviced (A9 lubricants used throughout) and headed to Pau in France for a race weekend. On returning home from a 3,000 mile round trip with some quite rapid driving, I checked the oil. Oil consumption, nil. Colour of oil, as new; no discolouration at all: which illustrates how A9 absorbs moisture and protects the engine from sulphur and carbon deposits. A9 is quite remarkable stuff.

Before that I treated my old Mercedes 380 SL to the full treatment of A9 when the  car had 72,000 miles completed, stupidly I sold the car at some 180,000, having only ever serviced it and replaced a battery. I know for a fact the car is still running perfectly with over 350,000 miles completed.

David Wild, Historic F2 owner and performance car enthusiast