Case Study

Classic Car – Morris Minor Charity Challenge

Dear Sirs,

Many thanks for promptly dispatching the A9 Motoreco VL for use in my Morris Minor on our endurance drive from Lands End John O’Groats and back, in aid of Cancer Research.

What can I say other than it works! Prior to using Motoreco, the oil consumption was approximately 1/2 litre per 350 miles. After 1,000 miles of driving, the oil consumption was negligible.

The engine is a 1275cc ‘A’ series and has been tuned to produce 80bhp. It has run at between 4,500 and 5,000 rpm for 291/2 hours. The engine appeared to be more responsive and performed faultlessly, seeming quieter and most definitely cutting down on the amount of ‘mist’ coming from the oil. That means that the oil temperature must have been lower, although I have no instrument in the car to confirm this.

Since using Motoreco the car starts fine first time without the usual cloud of smoke.

Yours faithfully