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Breakthrough for classic car owners

Have you heard of A9? It’s a little known secret in the UK, but has been proven in over 30 other countries to significantly reduce engine wear, improve reliability and reduce the emissions from classic cars.

This nano technology advance for classic cars eliminates:

  • Binding
  • Gumming up
  • Acidic corrosion
  • Mechanical wear during cold starts

“I have used A9 on all my historic road and racing cars for nearly ten years now and it has saved me an incalculable amount of money in running costs, as well as improving performance and reliability in all areas. I even use it on my family’s cars, the horse lorry, tractor mower and strimmer. I’d be foolish not to if it saves me money.” David Wild, Historic Car Collector, Worcestershire.

What is A9

A9 Technology works by bonding a soft, ultra-low friction, nano dimension protective skin, onto component surfaces in engines, transmissions and fuel systems. This offers very high levels of corrosion protection throughout and enables bearing surfaces to operate A9 against A9, rather than metal against metal. A9 is very slippery stuff!


Classic car owners get 20% OFF normal prices when purchasing the A9 Classic Vehicle – Protection and Preservation Pack, for engine, transmission and fuel system, or the Premium’ Classic Vehicle – Protection and Preservation Pack, which includes revolutionary A9 Coolant as well.

A9 is the next generation of lubricant technology and has no equals. It is the only way to preserve the mechanical components in your historic vehicle for posterity.


Classic Vehicle – Protection and Preservation Pack
Save 20% Pack contains:

MOTORECO VU Engine Treatment

TRANSECO Transmission Treatment

INJECTECO Fuel System Treatment 




Premium’ Classic Vehicle – Protection and Preservation Pack
Save 20% Pack contains all the products above, plus A9’s revolutionary FOSCORECO Coolant



All A9 Technology products are non-toxic and biodegradable. A9 contains no solvents and is ‘not an additive’. A9 is ‘miscible’ and complies precisely with all applicable standards and vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

A9 Technology has been invented by Renan Biro in Switzerland (from the famous family of inventors who brought us the ballpoint pen and dry powder fire extinguisher). A9 has been the subject of independent scientific testing at major EU vehicle research institutes and applauded from the French Ministry of Transport, for reducing mechanical wear, consumptions and emissions.


MOTORECO, TRANSECO, INJECTECO and FOSCORECO applied to your classic, will give the best known protection against wear, easier starting, smoother running, lower consumptions, lower emissions and reduced maintenance costs. This ensures your A9 Technology purchase is self financing in future. Although A9 is new to the UK, there are tens of thousands of satisfied customers, as it is sold in 30 countries worldwide, for historic, racing and high performance vehicles, light aviation, marine and industrial applications.


Classic Vehicle – Protection & Preservation Pack