About A9


Independent EU regulated laboratories have conducted many studies to quantify the effects of the A9 Technology. In addition, A9 has been found to significantly reduce emissions of toxic gases  and save fuel.

A9 Molecules, Protective Skin and Combustion


These scientific studies conducted by UTAC (Technical Union for the Automobile, Motorcycle and Cycle Industries, France) and INRETS (French National institute for Transport and Safety Research), have highlighted the outstanding capabilities of A9 Technology and its direct impact on the efficiency and performance on vehicles treated. Certified copies of the scientific trials are also recognised by the French Ministry of the Environment who acknowledged in a written statement, that:

“A9 TECHNOLOGY provides substantial energy savings coupled with pollution reduction, especially in urban environments.”

The studies have shown that:

  • petrol engines emits 77% less emissions at low revs and between 20-30% urban traffic
  • diesel engines emits 40% less smoke during low to medium speed acceleration
  • fuel consumption decreases by 5-15% depending on the vehicle and the style of driving (urban areas, open road, motorway)
  • the mechanical components of the vehicle are protected, ensuring  reduced maintenance and durability

Note: A9 Technology products have been independently tested and the benefits stated are based on the test results. However, performance results in the field may vary + or -, depending on the age and condition of the machine, the conditions in which it is operated and the way it’s operation is performed. 

In addition, A9 Technology issued products maintain any manufacturer’s warranty.


Maintaining the Manufacturer’s Warranty

When used with other lubricants recommended by the manufacturer, A9 Technology products do not modify the chemical characteristics of the recommended lubricants. Consequently, any manufacturer’s warranty for engine and transmissions (gearbox and axles for instance) could not be legally cancelled or modified, because the instructions for maintenance have been scrupulously respected by using A9 Technology.       

A9 Technology will protect a good engine, but it cannot repair a bad engine. A9 Technology cannot be the cause of any malfunction or mechanical damage as long as it is applied according to instructions and used only for the intended machines. In this respect, A9 Technology offers it’s own warranty, to give customers complete peace of mind.

Please Note: The A9 Technology warranty does not apply to any damage or consequences if additional products to the manufacturer’s recommendations are used in the systems of the machine, which are not A9 Technology and its issued products.